With Thanksgiving marking the unofficial start of the holiday season, it seems like Offset is in the giving mood. 

After a hilarious liquor store run-in with hip hop legend Big Daddy Kane went viral over the weekend, Offset was out and about, and according to Instagram user @siennadiaz._, he was in the right place at the right time. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sienna Diaz, who posted about her family's heartwearming encounter with the "Quarter Milli" rapper, said Offset overheard them checking out with a cart full of item at Target, and decided to cover the entire cost.

"Thank you so much @offsetyrn for taking care of the items we picked out yesterday from Target," Diaz wrote. "We are beyond grateful."

In a lengthy caption, Diaz explained that her mother was having a horrible morning, so her family decided to take her shopping. Their first stop was Target, and when Diaz was helping her mother find the right shade of concealer, a woman overheard them and began recommending makeup products. Diaz and her mother took the recommendations, and when they were checking out and heard how expensive the products were, the woman paid the cashier, and said "this is from Offset." 

Offset and the family shared hugs and kind words and in a series of Instagram stories, Diaz thanked him for covering their Target costs, and said that nobody had ever done anything like that for them before. 

What do you think about Offset paying for Diaz and her family's items at Target? Let us know down in the comments.