Offset was detained by police officers in Beverly Hills, California, Saturday, a frightening incident that the Migos rapper recorded on Instagram live.

Offset, Cardi B, PoliceMoses Robinson / Getty Images

"There's 25,000 people in my Live," Offset told the officers before he was forced out of his car. "I'm gonna sue the sh*t out of y'all, do y'all know who I am?"

Neither party has confirmed details on the context of the video, but the DailyMail reports that Offset was involved in an altercation with Trump supporters while driving through a rally.

The officers initially asked Offset to turn off the car’s engine, to which he refused: "I'm not doing no orders, you got guns out pointed at me, bro," he replied. "I'm not doing that, because you got guns out. I'm not fittin to move my hand from my steering wheel.”

"We were told that you guys were waving guns at people," one of the officers explained.

"You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag. What are you talking about?” The rapper responded.

Offset was later placed in handcuffs, as shown by videos recorded by onlookers. Cardi B was at the scene as well. The two recently reconciled following a split in their relationship.

It's unclear whether Offset was taken into police custody.