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No Eggs No Problem is currently located 40% in Ithaca NY, 40% in Toronto, and 20% in South Carolina. Luckily, over the past Summer, we put our fists together and got a few things done. In addition to throwing a dance party with Developing Pictures so that Jack and Garrett could make a 10 day trip to Haiti to perform and donate instruments to schools, we managed to do some recording. Thanks to Isaac (aka DJ Mosandi), we were welcomed with open arms to Wilburland Recording Studio. We also managed to drag some friends (David-bass man, Ben-jazz man, and Gabe-drum man) into the studio with us to make some more noise. Now, we wait until we finish these recordings, and figure out what we're going to be doing with them. As we figure things out, this page will be updated. God Speed, No Eggs No Problem


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