NLE Choppa wants his fellow rappers to lead healthier lifestyles and he's starting a challenge to hopefully influence some of his peers to change their lives. For the last few years, the Memphis rapper has been preaching new values, explaining the importance of eating a plant-based diet and growing the majority of your own foods. He has also launched a website where he sells products with different health benefits, spreading his ideals with his fanbase. However, he wants to expand his reach, looking to MoneyBagg Yo as his potential first rapper client.

Challenging the "Wockesha" rapper to quit drinking lean, NLE Choppa asked MoneyBagg Yo to drink a bottle of chlorophyll for every pint of lean that he consumes.

"I Have A New Challenge For Rappers. For Every Pint of Lean, Or Even Alcohol, Drink A Pint Of Chlorophyll," wrote Choppa on Twitter. "I Wanna Start By Challenging @MoneyBaggYo I’ll Bring This To You Personally Fam."

Attaching a video to his message, Choppa explained that chlorophyll "can help detox the body, help improve your skin, help aid off addiction, can be used as a permanent deodorant," and more. The rapper has been doing his research and he's sharing his knowledge with the world. 

So far, MoneyBagg Yo has not responded to NLE Choppa's challenge. We'll keep you posted with his answer.