Nikko Lafre Songs

  • Kill The Lies
    Kill The Lies
    Nikko Lafre has proved himself a surgically precise street rap lyricist, a style his talented collective of in-house producers has colored with atmospheric but genuinely-banging instrumentation. On "Kill The Lies" however, he demonstrates a wider palette, changing up his setting from the corner to the bedroom, as K-BeatZ and Johnny Rain provide a more melodic, but still very textural backdrop.
  • Guilty Of Dedication
    Guilty Of Dedication
    Nikko Lafre is back at it today. The 300-signed rapper is currently prepping two projects, and after giving us "How It Look" as a taste off In My Own Words, he returns with another new single for a different project.
  • Zach Lavine
    Zach Lavine
    Nikko Lafre may call Miami home these days, but he's nonetheless still repping Minneapolis, where he was raised. After giving us a leak off his debut album "How It Look" the rapper returns this morning as NBA All Star Weekend takes effect. "Zach Lavine" has Lafre supporting the Minnesota Timberwolves rookie, who is also a good homie.
  • How It Look
    How It Look
    Nikko Lafre is prepared to make 2015 his biggest year yet, with a deal under his belt thanks to Lyor Cohen's 300 label and a debut album on the way. After a false start with "Pro," Nikko is officially kicking off his album promo today. He sent us over his first leak off the upcoming debut album called In My Own Words. While this song will appear on the LP, don't consider it a lead single, Nikko tells us he's still got those coming (soon).
  • Pro
    Nikko Lafre has really shown and proved over the last year. The rapper has became an HNHH favorite, with weekly Sunday drops for the fans and no lack of free music. We just got the latest Sunday track two days ago with his haunting story on "The Corner," and today he's back at it, giving us the premiere of the very first single off his upcoming album, Guilty of Dedication.
  • The Corner
    The Corner
    Nikko Lafre delivered his breakthrough mixtape, MPLS: West End Stories in September, and while the consistent record has not left our phones since, Lafre has been dropping sporadic records of the same level of craft ever since. Today, we're premiering another #LafreSundays record, which is once again an outtake from MPLS, but could have easily sat comfortably beside the other dark, ferocious records on the tape.
  • Never Going Back
    Never Going Back
    After dropping the phenomenal MPLS: West End Stories project in September, Nikko Lafre's given us a few loose tracks in the wake of his deal with 300 Entertainment.
  • Work
    Nikko Lafre will be delivering new records each and every Sunday as part of his #LafreSundays series presented by HNHH. Earlier in the month, he graced us with an outtake from his impressive MPLS mixtape, titled "Secrets & Sins", and today he's delivered the melodically menacing trap record, "Work".
  • Secrets & Sins
    Secrets & Sins
    Nikko Lafre gave us MPLS: West End Stories just last month, and today he's decided to grace us with an outtake from the project, though it's certainly of the same quality we've heard from the rapper over the course of that release. 
  • Enemies
    Nikko Lafre just hit us with his MPLS mixtape, and naturally it's packed with plenty of dark, introspective production from in-house beatmakers K-BeatZ and Jabarrie. On early highlight, "Enemies" vocalist and producer Johnny Rain also contributes, creating a haunting atmosphere for Nikko to talk his shit on.
  • Geechi's Story: The Prayer
    Geechi's Story: The Prayer
    On September 14th, Nikko Lafre will release MPLS: West End Stories, his full length debut as a solo artist.
  • Geechi's Story: Explosions
    Geechi's Story: Explosions
    Nikko Lafre is currently gearing up for the release of his project MPLS: West End Stories, and today he's given us the opportunity to premiere a new track from it. "Geechi's Story: Explosions" was produced by K. Beatz and was inspired by Lafre's uncle. Nicknamed "Geechi," Lafre's uncle was previously incarcerated for multiple drug distribution counts, and an attempted murder. He's now been deported out of the country on these crimes and bad behavior in prison.
  • Ridin
    Last time we heard from Minneapolis, Minnesota MC Nikko Lafre, it was just over a week ago when he shared the Drew Love-assisted "Hometown Love." Now he returns with "Ridin," a sensual slo-mo track produced again by frequent collaborator K. Beatz.
  • Hometown Love
    Hometown Love
    HNHH brings you the premiere of "Hometown Love," the latest single from Minneapolis, Minnesota representative Nikko Lafre, featuring his fellow Feed The Fam artist Drew Love on the hook. This is the second reveal from Nikko's upcoming album MPLS, soundtracked by in-house FTF producer K. Beatz. 
  • Nights In Minneapolis
    Nights In Minneapolis
    HNHH is pleased to the premiere "Nights In Minneapolis," a new single from emerging Minnesota emcee Nikko Lafre, who's adopted a more secretive approach to the rap game as of late. It's the first reveal from his upcoming album Soul Purpose, and was soundtracked by K. Beatz, an in-house producer operating within Lafre's Feed The Fam collective.
  • Make 'Em Believe
    Make 'Em Believe
    HNHH brings you the premiere of "Make 'Em Believe", the latest single from Minneapolis representative Nikko Lafre's Feed The Fam collective, featuring emerging Toronto emcee Devon Tracy and Nikko himself over production from in-house producer Jabarrie.  Let us know what you think, folks.
  • P.T.B.
    "P.T.B." (an abbreviation of "Pop The Bands") is a choice selection from Minneapolis emcee Nikko Lafre's new Survival: Face The World EP, which includes major contributions from his fellow Feed The Fam, Inc. artists Drew Love (Washington, D.C.) and Devon Tracy (Toronto).
  • Rebels
    Stream and / or download "Rebels", a standout track from Minneapolis representative Nikko Lafre's new Survival: Face The World EP, which also showcases his fellow Feed The Fam, Inc. artists Devon Tracy (Toronto) and Drew Love (Washington, D.C.).
  • Survival
    "Survival" is the latest leak from Minneapolis spitter Nikko Lafre, and will serve as the introduction to his upcoming 10-track EP Survival: Face The World, which y'all can read up on here.  The cut was produced by Jabarrie. Note the 2Pac interview samples. Quotable Lyrics
    Emerging Minneapolis spitter Nikko Lafre has teamed up with frequent collaborator Taylor J (of St. Paul, MN) for this new collab' titled "IDRGAF" (I Don't Really Give A Fuck). Both emcees vent their frustrations while simultaneously declaring their indifference, all over a soulfully abstract instrumental from Default Productions. The track won't be included on Nikko's upcoming Survival: Face The World mixtape, which is coming soon. Stay tuned.
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