Sneaker designer Warren Lotas is currently being sued by Nike after months of promoting his sneakers that look exactly like Nike SB Dunk Lows. The color-blocking and silhouettes of the SB Dunk Low and Lotas' designs are pretty well the same, except the only difference is that the Nike swoosh is decorated with some sort of Jason mask-looking insignia. Over the past months, Lotas has released numerous colorways including "Toxic Green" and "Cherry" offerings. Perhaps the most egregious design is his Jeff Stapled-assisted Pigeon Dunk rip-off.

As a result of these designs, Nike is now looking to sue for up to three times the amount of damages they have faced as a result of Lotas' shoes. According to Complex Sneakers, they are seeking all of his profits and even the assets to these sneakers. Basically, anything that was used in creating the shoe, Nike wants it.

Nike SB Dunk

Image via United States District Court

Nike filed the lawsuit with the Los Angeles District Court and said "Nike protects its iconic sneaker designs, and its intellectual property in those designs, by rooting out bad actors that undermine the DNA of sneaker culture by promoting and selling fakes. Warren Lotas is one those bad actors."

With this lawsuit, Nike wants to protect its intellectual property while also sending a message to other designers that it simply isn't okay to rip them off for profit. Nike has sued various other companies and brands in the past, to great success.

Stay tuned for updates on this lawsuit as we will be sure to bring them to you.