Nicki Minaj is back in action after taking a three month hiatus from social media. She returned with two new singles and fans have been going crazy over them. She's getting ready to release her album in the coming months, although we've yet to receive a release date. There's a good chance she'll drop it in the coming months considering she's been teasing a tour, is scheduled to perform on "Saturday Night Live" this month and overall, has everything lined up to make sure her album release is as impactful as it could be. Despite how good things are going, it looks like she has some legal issues she has to tend to.

Nicki Minaj is getting sued for allegedly stealing a boob design for a t-shirt, TMZ reports. The design is of a inverted heart, which turns into two breasts in a bikini top, that artist Isiah Simon says he created for a "I Love Venice Beach" shirt. Nicki's design says the same thing except her name instead of Venice Beach. 

Simon claims that he already copyrighted the design on Feb. 14th, 2015 and he's looking to block the sales of Nicki's merch but also the profit that both Nicki Minaj and Universal Music Group have made off of the shirts. He says they "brazenly" lifted his design for the t-shirt. As they continue to sell the shirts on UMG's website, Isiah is looking to have that shut down as soon as possible. Peep the photos here.