It appears Nicki Minaj is being sued by her ex-boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels, and she’s definitely not happy about it. Taking to twitter Tuesday night, Nicki went on quite the rant slamming SB after she was served legal papers just days after celebrating her current boyfriend, Meek Mill’s, 29th birthday.

“Tweeted on the 5th that the 6th was my baby’s bday. Celebrated on the 6th for his bday (publicly). Served w/a lawsuit on the 9th. lol,” she tweeted.

According to Nicki, she’s being sued for physical & emotional abuse after 11 years of being in a relationship. She then would go on to further vent about her frustration with her ex, saying he refuses to move on and that he even stole from her in the past, but she never prosecuted him for it...

“Two years later this poor excuse of a man is suing me & claiming to have been physically & emotionally abused. Lol. He’s so miserable,” said Minaj. “You can’t even celebrate your happiness anymore w/o being victimized. Miserable ppl refuse to move on w/their lives,” the rapper stated. She later mentions Meek Mill contacted Safaree, asking him to stop emailing her, “My man asked him to stop emailing me. I also asked him several times. This man can’t move on. It’s really sad. I have the emails to prove it.”

“LIKE I CANT EVEN CELEBRATE MY MAN BDAY W/O THIS MISERABLE SON OF A BITCH TRYING TO EXTORT ME!!!!! Caught him stealing money and never prosecuted him!!!! Now I’m DOING IT. ENOUGH!!!!!!.”

And that's not even all of it. Read Nicki's entire twitter rant below.