Her name has been at the forefront of political and social media conversations this week, but it doesn't have to do with her music. Nicki Minaj has been catching controversy over her discussions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, causing political leaders and Dr. Fauci to step in to deny her claims. She has been applauded by fans and defenders who say she is only looking out for her health while staving off receiving the vaccine because she is doing more research. However, her story about her cousin's friend's testicles swelling after getting vaccinated made pro-vaxxers upset.

Meanwhile, Minaj has been going tit-for-tat with folks over on Twitter, however, today (September 5), she revealed that he was in "Twitter jail" and wasn't allowed to tweet.

Nicki Minaj
Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images

Initially, she joked about the temporary ban on her Instagram Story, but she later hopped on Livestream to talk about why she will never return to the platform again. She also previously stated that she was invited to the White House, but there have been others who have come forward to denounce those claims.

"A source tells CNN that @NICKIMINAJ was offered a conversation with a doctor to clarify the efficacy and side effects of the vaccine not a visit to the White House. A White House statement is coming shortly," tweeted Don Lemon. Then, a senior editor for the Huffington Post added that Twitter representatives responded to Minaj's accusations that she was in "Twitter jail," stating that they "did not take any enforcement action" on her account.

Check out Nicki's videos as well as a few tweets below.