Terrence Davidson has withdrawn his $30 million lawsuit against Nicki Minaj, for whom he used to be the primary wig maker, reports The Jasmine Brand. Nicki fans know that she has donned wigs of all colors, shapes, and sizes throughout her career, and she has gone on to sell models of some of those wigs that might have been inspired by the designs of her former wig maker. At least that's what Davidson argued when he filed a lawsuit in February 2014 that vied for $30 million worth of Minaj's wig profits. 

The judge originally filed in Minaj's favor on grounds that there had never been any sort of contract signed by either of the two parties. However, Davidson appealed the case the next month, and the appeals court ended up accepting his argument -- that his "oral contract" with Minaj, which expressed that Davidson's wigs were to be for personal use only, was reason enough for him to seek compensation. 

The case has since been lingering, and on Friday (Apr. 1), Davidson finally filed documents to dismiss the entire lawsuit. It has been reported that Davidson and Minaj have reached a settlement, the terms of which are not to be disclosed.