Nick Young sees himself as more than just a basketball player -- he is  a swag auteur, fashion icon, and apparently, rap Nostradamus.

In an interview with Billboard, Young made a bold prediction: his fiancée Iggy Azalea's sophomore release Digital Distortion will be "the best album of 2016."

"I see how hard she be in the studio and I heard a couple songs," he said. "Couple surprises and a lot of features on there. It’ll be dope." He mentioned that Swaggy P would indeed be making an appearance on the album, which will be produced in large part by Ty Dolla $ign's D.R.U.G.S. collective.

Young has credited his shout out on Kanye West's "Facts" for the Lakers recent 3-game winning streak, which was derailed last night by the Warriors.