Kanye West's recent tête-à-tête with Donald Trump has awakened the commentator in many an artist, and Nick Cannon has officially joined the ranks of the outspoken. The entertainer took to Twitter to put forth his message, which may or may not constitute as "zany."

"Convinced that’s a Kanye West Clone!!" writes Nick Cannon, adjusting his tin foil hat accordingly. "They messing with my brothers mind. #MKULTRA is real!." In case you're not up to speed with your governmental practices, Project MKUltra is a "mind control program," in which agents used "chemical, biological, and radiological" methods on unwitting suspects to better develop more effective interrogation drugs. It's highly likely that Cannon is being hyperbolic in his assessments, though for whatever reason, cloning has been a favored theory in the hip-hop community. 

Still, clone or not, Cannon is not about to give up on his pal. "His Spirit is pure though. Let’s not give up on our guy!" implores Cannon. "His message of Love is real but he is allowing devils to take advantage of his vulnerability & treat him like a puppet." 

It's interesting to note that everybody with an opinion seems to be putting forth their two cents on Kanye West, with regards to his wisest course of action. Though Yeezy may occasionally come off like a toy that has been magically granted life and attempted to learn the entire scope of Western Civilization in a single calendar year, clone theory aside, he still has agency. Though intentions may be pure, it feels like people of all political leanings seem to be vying for control of Kanye's proverbial "puppet strings," as it were. 

Many, including T.I. and Diddy, have openly lambasted Kanye West for his recent discourse with Donald Trump. One thing is for certain. Never has an artist been so evocative, even if nobody quite knows what he means.