NFL free agent Malik McDowell has not been having the best of luck lately. The Detroit native was arrested few days ago after a truck that was allegedly stolen was found on his property. According to reports, two F-150 pick-up trucks were snatched from a Ford Motor dealership. When investigators tracked one of the vehicle's GPS systems, it was found to be at McDowell's home. 

TMZ states that McDowell told police that he bought the vehicle, fair and square, from a man back in April for $5K. He said that he met the man on the streets of Detroit and it was a random person. Officers asked if he had the man's information, but McDowell reportedly told them he didn't know his name or his phone number—however, the man was going to contact him in order to give him the vehicle's paperwork. The truck was eventually towed and McDowell was reportedly arrested for felony receiving and concealing stolen property.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Back in February, McDowell had a physical confrontation with Michigan officers after he was pulled over on one snowy, winter evening. In video footage captured by the officer's dashcam, McDowell pulled over in front of a gas station market and got out of his Jeep. The officer repeatedly tells him to get back into his car and after a few moments, he does. The two speak, but it consists of McDowell demanding to speak to a supervisor. The officer tells him just to show his license and registration, but McDowell continues with his demands.

McDowell gets up to walk inside of the market, but the officer tells him not to move and attempts to physically restrain him. This doesn't stop the 6'6", 300-pound football player and the altercation turns physical inside. McDowell tussles with the officer as he fights back. The officer pulls out a taser and tells him that he will use it, and eventually, McDowell stumbles over falling merchandise and ends up on the floor. McDowell repeatedly says he wants a supervisor as he refuses to lay face down on the ground. The officer eventually tries to use the taser but fails, causing McDowell to instead jump up and attack the officer. The two fight inside of the store before McDowell is subdued and a backup officer arrives on the scene. McDowell returns to court over that incident later on this month.

You can watch the intense video of the incident here. Yikes.