Netflix just released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch -- the first film from Charlie Brooker's series. The film took everything about Black Mirror to another mirror with the interactive aspect where viewers could make choices for the main character. Today, Netflix decided to give fans a bit more insight into the film's creation by sharing some behind the scenes footage.

Charlie Brooker revealed that he wasn't initially down to do an interactive film Black Mirror film for Netflix, but as he began to come up with ideas, it made sense to elevate the series with a "choose-your-own-adventure" type film.

"Netflix asked us if we'd be interested in doing an interactive story," he said. "I knew I wanted to do another period episode and I thought, 'Well, what if you're controlling somebody in the past?' So it kind of spiraled from there."

Brooker explained that every aspect of creating the film was difficult. Actors would often forget which timeline they were acting in at the time and Brooker revealed that he even found himself in Stefan Butler's shoes.

"When I started out, I thought 'Well, this will be fairly straightforward, I'm sure I'll have to draw a flow chart at one point.' Cut to several months later, it kind of exponentially started to balloon," he explained.

Todd Yellin, vice president of Netflix, added, "Charlie got enamored of the butterfly effect. If you change this little thing, imagine what it would do here. But if you change this little thing, imagine what it would do here."

Peep both the Featurette: Tech and the Consumer featurette below.