We all know that YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been with his fair share of ladies this year. Despite being on house arrest, the Baton Rouge native seemingly switches girls on a daily basis. Perhaps that's the reason why he's still being clowned in comment sections across the internet. In an unconfirmed report by a reader of The Shade Room, somebody is claiming that YB even tried to meddle in somebody else's relationship, trying to get in Kyle Kuzma's rumored boo's bed. When she didn't give in, he absolutely lost his top.

With Kuzma back on the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers, the forward has less time to focus on his relationships. Still, he's been romantically linked to a woman named Nicole for a while and, apparently, NBA YoungBoy tried to get in the middle of them. The text messages that have leaked have not been verified by either the rapper, Kuz, or Nicole but an alleged friend of Nicole's says they're legit.

After reaching out to the woman proposing a fun night in for the both of them, NBA YoungBoy was rejected before he allegedly called out all athletes and threatened her with his previous criminal charges. "Enjoy them lame ass athletes," apparently wrote the rapper. "All these athletes be dick riding me tryna hang out. N***as lame. Enjoy that doe u ever round in the same place I am Best believe u be kicked out." When Nicole responded that she would have the function shut down if ever they ended up in the same room, YB retorted: "That's definitely cap I'm a rich ass n***a gangsta. And ain't nobody gone say shit to me they know what me and all my n***as about. There 2 murder charges on my record."

Do you think the texts actually come from YoungBoy or is this a hoax?