Social media is often used as a place where people can casually share random thoughts. Some post observations about everyday life, deliver commentary on pop culture, or even troll people they don't like. Most tweets are ignored or passed over as social media users scroll aimlessly through their newsfeeds with a flick of a finger, but a random tweet from NBA YoungBoy caused the masses to take notice.

NBA YoungBoy isn't the type who stays on Twitter, incessantly tweeting away his life. It's clear from his timeline that he jumps in inconsistently with haphazard posts, and his Wednesday (August 26) offering confused people enough that he became a trending topic. "I never really been the type to record myself having sex my baby mama f*cked my brother before too it’s ok."

Immediately, some fans believed that NBA YoungBoy may have been spouting off lyrics, but even his diehard fans couldn't confirm that this was a rhyme they were familiar with. Hours later, the Never Broke Again rapper returned with another message. "Just thought I let you know I still been suffering I ain’t been getting no better." What began as people teasing the young star transformed into fans sending him positive vibes. Check out his back-to-back tweets below.