Halloween is upon us and athletes across the sports world are getting into character, especially the NBA stars. Specifically speaking, members of the Cleveland Cavaliers really went all out with their Halloween costumes this year as LeBron James hosted a costume party that everyone from the championship squad attended. 

The host dressed up as Jerome from Martin while Iman Shumpert teamed up with Teyana Taylor for a Suicide Squad couple, and Kyrie Irving busted out some smooth dance moves in a red Power Rangers disguise. Mike Dunleavy pulled off an old school Justin Timberlake and Kevin Love showed up as Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber.

Elsewhere we saw the Oklahoma City Thunder players get into the spirit as well, most notably Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison who dressed up as Joe Dirt and Pablo Escobar, respectively. 

Check out some of the best costumes from around the NBA in the gallery above, including CJ Miles' dope Quailman garb and an appearance from former NBA center Jermaine O'Neal as King Tut. 

You can peep the footage from LeBron's party below, which featured some more "3-1" decorations because that joke just won't die.