Nav Feat. Metro Boomin "Call Me" Video

Mitch Findlay
August 18, 2017 15:22

Nav and Metro Boomin' have some NSFW fun.

There's an image in the latest video from Nav & Metro Boomin's latest music video, in which Nav sits in the neon darkness of a strip club, eyes glued to his cell phone while nearly naked dimes dance behind him. It's pretty much the encapsulation of Nav's entire sound and persona.

The latest video from Nav & Metro Boomin's Perfect Timing project continues along those lines, and eventually Nav decides that the live dancers are far more engaging than a melancholic Twitter exchange. With the club pretty much occupied by Nav, Metro, and a legion of dancers, you'd think he'd be having a bit more fun. However, for all the braggadocio that tends to permeate Nav's rhymes, perhaps there lies a tortured artist as his emotional core. The highly NSFW video also happens to be an ass-man's delight, with plenty of g-string action and slow motion gratuitous partial nudity.

Eventually, even the strippers get bored and decide they'd be better off engaging with whatever social media action is going down. As the ladies take to their phones, Nav and Metro head outside to post up on an expensive sports car. There are a few location shots for good measure, but by and large, the majority of the RJ Sanchez directed video takes place in the strip club. That way, even if you weren't feeling Nav's latest music, there may still be reason to check this one out.

If you were, however, a fan of Perfect Timing, you should be pleased that one of the album's standout cuts ended up getting the full video treatment. In our review of Nav & Metro's joint collaboration, our general consensus was that the album was somewhat unmemorable, in spite of Metro being one of the game's best and brightest. Still, that's not to knock Nav's hustle, as the young rapper is clearly killing it right now. 

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