Lyrics are the driving force of a song, and if catchy enough can make a seemingly simple single become the biggest hit of the year — in contrast, they can also get you roasted by a fan if it doesn't suit their particular tastes. Rap star Mulatto had to find the latter out the hard way recently, but thankfully she had just the right comeback for one of her over-sensitive supporters.

Mulatto Music clapback fan clap back
Image:  John Parra/Getty Images for Spotify

"Baby girl, let me advise you to get some awareness," the user wrote in response to a few flicks of Big Latto getting cheeky at the club with a caption that read "Slim waist wit a booty this n***a dumb if he lose me." The critical fan's response went on to read, "Listen at what you just said about yourself. You pointed out why this man would be dumb to loose you. You never said anything about your heart, mind, personality, instead you diminished yourself to just a  waist and a booty!" 


Mulatto kept things pretty simple with her clapback, writing a brief response that said, "It’s lyrics to a song saweetie." Many fans surprisingly sided with Latto, calling the fan "granny" and even commenting on the fact that whoever the person was couldn't even differentiate between "loose" and "lose." Now we know how some of you "scholars" in the comments can get when it comes to some of our articles so we won't even comment on that, but at the core of the argument we think both sides might have a point. What do you think?

Peep the original tweet below, and the archived version in case they start deleting, and let us know which side you agree with by sounding off down below in the comments: