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Jamaica Queens native Omar A. Walton a.ka. O.ZEE Mr. Hookciti has always had a strong passion for music. Due to his Jamaican ethnicity, he was exposed to music at a very young age. His mother Patricia Palmer always spent records which kept the passion alive in her son. Reggae music begin the genre of choice, he became fascinated by the way artist such as Bob Marley, Shabba and Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton, Beenie Man and Shaggy utilized music as a form of communication and self-expression. In their lyrics he found that these artists were releasing their true feelings and conveying their emotions through their music, so music became his outlet as well. With no father figure, he was left to follow in the footsteps of his uncles and other relatives who were local disk jockeys. This provided constant exposure to many different genres of music and artists, which feed Omar's hunger for music. At the age of 12, Omar, his mother and siblings relocated to Walthourville, Ga., due to his mother's military affiliation. This is where he met the late Avery Winn a.k.a A-Mutt. They attended Hinesville Middle School together. Avery and Omar quickly connected because of their mutual interest in music. Every afternoon on the school bus, or late evening Mutt would awe Omar with freestyle raps. Considering this, Omar would also join in. Although his raps weren't as developed as Avery's the fact that he put forth effort caused Avery to see that he had the potential to succeed in the music industry. Avery along with producer Heat Mizza who were members of record company Ville City Funk are responsible for giving Omar the confidence he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a lyricist. His association with the two assisted him in maturing as an artist. Mutt was also responsible for him making the transition from Omar to O.ZEE. O.ZEE recalls Mutt teasing him about his excessive smoking habit which was what lead to the handle. Finally, at the age of 17, O.ZEE wrote his first song. Excited about his composition, he couldn't wait to share it with his friends. Their positive responses were just what he needed to continue his journey. On this journey, O.ZEE encountered a lot of difficult situations which lead to him not always making the right decision. As a result of this, O.ZEE had a decision to make... go to jail or join the military. Obviously, he choose the latter so at the age of nineteen he enlisted in the US Army, which is when he collaborated with Paper Chaser Family , all of which were Soldiers who had a passion for music. The group consisted of Snax DaVillian, Big Flee, Bama Rattlesnake and O.ZEE. Due to military obligation, many of the members relocated which put a strain on the group. As a result of this, O.ZEE went solo and created what is known to the world as N Da Hood Entertainment. Once again O.Zee tried being in a group before leaving Fayetterville, NC. This is when Jump Out Boys (J.O.B) were formed. The artists were Jay Shine, Smok’N Bandit, Dub, Big Al DaBoogieman, TwanD SouljahBoy, and O.ZEE. With hard work and determination on his mind, as a group O.ZEE and the other J.O.B members took over the 910 area open mic by open mic. Unfortunately, with the new found fame came some problems. After all the hearsay, the differences of opinion, and lack of knowing ones position, the group fell apart. This is when O.ZEE finally decided to be a solo artist. In 2008, O.ZEE returned to Hinesville resurfacing as an artist to be reckoned with. Street credibility, music savvy, and drive once again put him in an even better situation more so this time than ever before because he was well seasoned and hungry. Over the last 4 years, he had managed to gain a hard working promoter, Don Crumenotti, a solid management team; Street Certified Entertainment and a steadily growing fan base. As of today, O.ZEE has two albums and three mix tapes that have been released by and this is only the beginning of his conquest to be a highly recognized artist in all regions of the globe. He’s a grounded individual and loyal to his talent. Family above all, loyalty is everything and never bite the hand that feeds you are some of the daily motto's that he lives by. In addition to his loyal nature, Mr. Hookciti continues his love affair with HIP-HOP. He confesses that “there's way more FiYaH tracks in his vault and they are ready to be released”. Lastly, Mr. Hookciti wants to thank all of his fans for being trendsetters and being loyal to him over the years. Stay tuned for more for Mr. Hookciti....


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