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Willie Christian, better know as 5 One, is a lyricist/MC. He is a native of Pensacola, Florida and proudly represents it with his tshirts, hoodies, etc. He has been likened unto Common because of his lyrical flow and compared to rapper Bun B because of his vocal texture. But make no mistake, 5 One has a style of story-telling and delivery all his own. Once heard, he's unforgettable! 5 One hails from the Grind Over Glory camp which he established in 2012. The vision of GOG is loyalty first, for without it, a ship would definitely sink. The motivating force behind GOG is to have creativity without corporate interference. The absence of corporate pressures allows for a purer product. When an artist is allowed such freedom of self-expression, it is inevitable that they flourish, individually and collectively. It is for that reason that Grind Over Glory is comprised of a small group of talented artists who share in 5 One's vision for the movement. These artists are also featured on his current mixtape, "The Workout," which was released January 11, 2013. They are as follows: 5 One- lyricist/MC, Turquoise Moye- lyricist/MC, Chellev- singer/vocalist, J Price- rapper, 24 Kayz- producer/ engineer. It is said that the masses can be moved by the dedication, determination, and the concerted efforts of a few minds. That is exactly what Grind Over Glory has in each of these unique persons. 5 One is an artist new to the music scene but not new to the concept of hard work. He brings his work ethic as an athlete to the mic as well. There is no doubt that it takes courage, training, and hard work for an athlete to continually put his body to the test on whatever field of play he was on. Likewise, the same can be said about an artist who chooses to his craft by putting his heart and life out there for public inspection. But as 5 One is proving, when an artist is passionate about his craft, there is no price too high to pay, nor boundary that cannot be pushed. 5 One further proved that by gracing the stage at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, CA in October 2012. It was his first performance and he was blessed enough to have shared it with his older brother, Dolio The Sleuth, who is one of 2 MC in his own Bluegrass/Hip Hop band called Gangsta Grass. Such a display of versality show s the extent 5 One is willing to go to showcase his talent. Diamond Jim's, The Brass Rail, and The Stage are just a few of San Diego's local establishments where 5 One has torched the mic, as well as various competitions. He continues to make his presence know in San Diego and surrounding counties. It leaves you wondering what he will do next.


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