2013 was undoubtedly a great year for rap music. If you are a die-hard hip-hop head, you are probably praying that 2014 will continue along the same lines, if not one-up 2013. Now that we're examining some of the releases lined up for this year, the chances look good.

We had some hip-hop heavyweights drop huge albums last year, this includes the likes Kanye West, Jay Z, and J. Cole, but 2014 promises some very creative collaborations as well, from upcoming talent and OGs alike. We've chosen to only include projects in this list that the artist themselves have referenced already or indicated in some way that they are actually happening-- so, for example, because Kendrick Lamar has yet to announce anything official about a new album (although we should hope he does soon!), he's not on this list. 

Take a look at our comprehensive list of 25 projects we are excited to hear in 2014.

What hip-hop project are you are most looking forward to in the coming year?