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Morrgan Lewis Hawkins (Born July, 7) who records under the mononym Morrgo, is an American recording artist from Patterson, New Jersey and reside in Palm Beach, FL. At the age of 16, Morrgo was sent to live with his mother in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother at the time was dating a guy who knew a lot about the musical industry that wanted to work with Morrgo just to produce his sound. Going back & forth to a local studio, Morrgo started to take this music thing a little bit more serious. Leaving Atlanta because he was homesick, he quickly saved up enough money to buy his own equipment as far as a microphone, computer, mixer & some top of the line headphones. Between the ages of 18 and 20 years old Morrgo put out four mixtapes called, “A Time in Space”, “Dream More, Work Less”, “Last but First” & “Thoughts in My Heart”. Uploading his accomplishments to the web, Morrgo thought no one would listen but as days & months flew by more ears started to listen & enjoy everything they were hearing. Most of Morrgo’s lyricisms are in regard to his past relationships, good times & women. A large portion of Morrgo’s work involves rapping & singing. Morrgo’s style has set him apart from local artists in his city, West Palm Beach. In the town which he lives in, all most rappers talk about is killing and repping some type of gang. In a remix of “I’m On One” originally made my DJ Khaled he quotes “All I care about is money, money, money I don’t care about my city because it’s doing nothing for me”. He never gave in to all the hype about gangs and drugs and is not a gangster type rapper by any means. Morrgo can be described as a skinny jean wearing skater and rapper who refers to himself as “Geek”, which has influenced him to establish a Skater/Fashion team called “GEEK”. This is just a few people getting together to promote Love, Fun, Family & Happiness.


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