More Footage From DJ Mustard's Alleged Altercation With Mistah F.A.B.

An extended video of the aftermath of DJ Mustard and Mistah F.A.B.'s alleged altercation has surfaced.

While we saw one clip of the scuffle between DJ Mustard and Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B., which appeared to show the former getting slapped in the face by the latter, the video ends abruptly just as things get heated between the crews.

A new video picks up where the last leaves off, showing the aftermath of the altercation, in which the whole dancefloor gets pushy,and things erupt into the street outside.

Check out the original footage, and YG and Mustard's response to the alleged altercation here.

Listen to Mustard and YG's summer anthem, "Vato" with Youyng Jeezy and Que, here.


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