MondreM.A.N. Videos

  • Cover of MondreM.A.N. "Ancient Times" Video
    We haven't heard new shit from the inimitable Bay Area duo Main Attrakionz in far too long. Other than MondreM.A.N.'s They Say I Struggle Rap (which is over a year old), him and Squadda B have been silent in the game, but hopefully that should soon change.
  • Cover of MondreM.A.N. Discusses His Come-Up, New Album & More
    An in-depth Q&A session with rising Oakland, California emcee MondreM.A.N., conducted in New York City by those behind the SOUNDS music magazine app. Mondre's new album "They Say I Struggle Rap" is now available on iTunes, and comes highly recommended. Don't sleep.Stream MondreM.A.N.
  • Cover of MondreM.A.N. "Sometimes" Video
    A new visual from North Oakland, California emcee MondreM.A.N.'s debut solo LP "They Say I Struggle Rap", directed by track producer Al Jieh and Tim Jiehwhich. For those unfamiliar, Mondre is the founder of independent label Green Ova Records and one half of the Main Attraktionz with Squadda Bambino.
  • Cover of MondreM.A.N. "Intro Shit" Video
    The latest visual from Oakland emcee / Green Ova soldier MondreM.A.N., produced and directed by Al Jieh. His "They Say I Struggle Rap" album is dropping soon. Watch MondreM.A.N. "Intro Shit" Video, the latest video from MondreM.A.N., which dropped on Thursday, October 31st, 2013.
  • Cover of MondreM.A.N. "MC Illin " Video
    A new visual for the first single from Oakland, California emcee MondreM.A.N.'s debut solo LP "They Say I Struggle Rap", available everywhere on 11/12/13. That bass, tho... Watch MondreM.A.N. "MC Illin " Video - it's the latest video from MondreM.A.N., having dropped on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013.
  • Cover of MondreM.A.N. "Ha Haaaa" Video
    MondreM.A.N. is 1/2 of the North Oakland, California duo Main Attraktionz. This is his latest visual, directed and edited by Guyoak510. Get familiar.Let us know what you think, folks. Did y'all catch MondreM.A.N.'s latest visual for MondreM.A.N. "MC Illin " Video?
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