When you're shopping for a new apartment to move into, you should have a list of things to look for. If you don't generally care how your space looks, you might end up with a place like this. Model Paula Sophia took a photo of herself in the bathroom, showing off her outfit from Pretty Little Thing. She wasn't thinking about what was going on behind her. Instead, she simply made sure that she looked presentable and went forward with posting it. Unfortunately for her, a small number of people are actually commenting about her looks on the shot. Everyone is going on about just how strange the layout of her bathroom is.


As reported by the New York Post, Sophia's bathroom selfie has gone viral because fans around the world aren't quite sure what to make of the room she's standing in. If you take a quick look at the image, you probably won't notice anything weird but once you start to seriously analyze the composition, you're bound to have a few laughs. For starters, the toilet paper roll isn't placed anywhere near the actual bowl. There is also an electrical unit directly on top of the toilet, which could cause a wire to possibly explode in the water if it falls. Finally, and possibly the strangest part of this entire picture, there is a towel rack placed behind the toilet. Why was that ever installed and what is its purpose?

The picture is causing people to react online with the shot picking up nearly 27K likes on Twitter. Can you notice anything else that's a little wonky?