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25-year-old Michael Shaine Scott, better known by his moniker Mike Shaine, is a hip-hop artist out of Dover, DE with a uniqueness that puts a new spin on the game. DelawareHipHop.com has described Mike Shaine as having "one of the most outstanding rap voices since Q-Tip and a never-ending stream of crazy punch lines, which together solidify him as a force". Mike Shaine spent 6 years of his childhood in Okinawa, Japan as the son of a military official - not your typical background for a hip-hop story. He was first exposed to the hip-hop genre and culture at the age of seven, and it wasn’t long before he became completely engrossed in it, secretly listening to his fathers' classic hip-hop albums. Upon his return to the States, at the age of 12, Shaine was encouraged to begin writing rap lyrics after impressing some classmates on the playground in a freestyle battle. He continued to write lyrics throughout his high school years, however it wasn’t until he teamed up with a schoolmate to form the rap duo The New Commerz that he gained the courage to release his music for the public. They released four mixtapes from which they generated a considerable fan base and popularity amongst the locals. After nearly three years of local success, the duo split when Mike’s partner decided to pursue other endeavours following the birth of his first child. Although The New Commerz dismantlement caused much incertitude, Mike quickly decided to continue chasing the dream as a solo artist. Having something to prove to himself and his fans, he immediately returned to the studio and spent the following year working restlessly on his first solo project entitled "The Underachieved DoucheBag". His payoff was evident in the days following the release, as his solo project surpassed the success he'd had with previous projects. Shaine has since had the opportunity to perform in front of such names as Sidney McDonald, Mr. Cynclair, and Grouchy Gregg, having received positive feedback. He continues to build his fan base as reflected by his downloads and hit counts on the YouTube video for his 2012 single "Dat Boy Good", produced by Kyle Owens (subscribe: youtube/MikeShaine). Mike Shaine continues to represent for Dover, DE while he branches out to other states, gaining new fans and pursuing a professional career in the music industry.


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