Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs Find The "Balance" In New Visuals

Karlton Jahmal
December 12, 2018 23:53

It's all about balance.

DJ Muggs came through with his Dia del Asesinato album this past Summer, and doubled up with a diamond edition of the project. Tucked away on the album is "Balance," which features Meyhem Lauren. The New York rapper drops harsh bars over delicate pianos, mixing grit with beauty for a unique banger. Muggs and Lauren have touched down with visuals for "Balance" that aims to bring the visual representation of the same mix to life. 

Lauren sits down for a clean beard shape up as he drops the grimy bars. The barbershop scenes flash by as Muggs appears and the two men take to the streets. The corners and parks of New York are explored by Lauren. Bodegas line the concrete streets and the atmosphere of the Big Apple intensifies the raspy rapper's bars. The scenes change to a venue where Busta Rhymes shakes Lauren's hand before he steps out on a stage to rock a packed club. The balance between the streets and the music is evident. 

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