Meek Mill, aka Mr Twitter fingers to some, is back in the headlines tonight for his interaction with comedian and actor, Michael Blackson.

While both were in Philly on Wednesday attending a charity event with Yazzie from Empire, the two ended their days by going at one another on Instagram. Blackson, the comedian, started the exchange by posting the image of the three and an elderly man on social media, and referring Meek to as “twitter fingers”. The full caption read, “Home. In Philly giving back to the elderly with Cookie's son and Twitter fingers.”

Well it appears Mr. Twitter fingers, b.k.a Meek Mill, didn’t take the “joke” too lightly and went back at Blackson for his fake Gucci sneakers, posting “We doing charity but we need to help him get some real Gucci sneaks! None of the kids knew who he wasssss!” Later, Meek posted another close up image of the sneakers, with the caption “He missing the G’s.”

Maybe there’s more to this that meets the eye, but it looks like Meek’s emotions just got the best of him once again….on social media nonetheless.

Thanks to BallerAlert, who compiled all the exchanges into two posts, you can view it all below. Check it out.