MC Static

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“Where words fail, music speaks.” Influenced by music at a young age, Static got hooked in the hip hop culture by his older brother. Static’s musical ears were quickly introduced to the raw street music that kids his age were not allowed to listen to. Too Short, Do or Die, Bone Thugs, and Eazy E were his main picks of artists while he walked to elementary school. School was not his forte but when it came to storytelling, his imagination was endless. As a kid, he stood in front of the mirror and pictured himself rapping his favourite lyrics on stage; music then became a part of his lifestyle. Static's parents migrated from India in 1978 and had three kids, Static being the youngest. They weren’t the typical Indian family. His older brother would smoke and drink in the basement, while Static would watch and mimic him with Popeye smokes and coke mixed with 7up. It was in high school where Static’s imagination became reality. 5’5” with 150 pounds of anger releasing from his fists, Static quickly earned himself a name. That' s when he was introduced to three friends who shared his love of music. Skipping class, beat boxing, and spitting lyrics- that’s what felt right to this kid. As important as music was to this diverse rapper, so was getting ahead and making a career for himself. Rapping was his dream and passion but coming from a family of construction workers and truck drivers, steel toe boots were more realistic. Following graduation, Static went to Kwantlen College and enrolled in welding. After five years of working and getting all the tickets of his trade, his hard-earned money did not make him as happy as he thought it would. After investing in properties and buying his first home at the age of 22, Static found himself drinking heavily and spending all of his money on alcohol. After spending seven months working in a Fort McMurray camp, this musician realized that this was not the life for him and that the path he was on was the path of self-destruction. He decided to leave his job and made a conscious decision to not chase money but to do what made him feel alive. He went from being a regular at the bar and waking up unhappy to finally feeling like he was on the right page. The words “NO” and "CAN'T” will not be a part of this young man's life. Whatever he does, he does to the extreme and will not stop until he believes he’s there. You have to make a couple of wrong turns until you reach your destination. “Music is what he is, music is what he knows, and music is how he explains himself through a pen that’s attached to his soul."


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