MC Paranoia

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This is the HotNewHipHop profile for the unlikely, white, Texas-bred rapper MC Paranoia. MCP is living proof that looks can be deceiving & to NEVER judge a book by it's cover. Grady Carr looks like, and honestly is, your average middle-class 20-something year old white boy. Sure, he may have a couple pairs of Nike's sneakers, a little over a dozen fitted hats with matching shirts and an assortment of Dickie's brand jeans and shorts, but one could easily perceive him pulling out his acoustic guitar and singing some songs about a girl he loves. Ultimately, those who choose the aforementioned mistake of judgement prior to examination are in for quite a surprise. When Carr plugs his MXL-990 microphone into his computer, or grabs a cordless one in front of a group of people, he becomes MC Paranoia; it's like Jekyll and Hyde. He is a lyrical monster, possessed by a poetic demon; almost Shakespearean in his street and book smarts, he raps like he has discovered a way to put his lyrical abilities on steroids. Paranoia is no Eminem, no B-Rabbit from 8 Mile - he does not freestyle on a track. Not that he can't freestyle, but the quality of his freestyles would pale in comparison to his well-constructed double (or even triple) entendres, intricate puns, descriptive metaphors and supremely witty similes. He frequently uses a Notepad app on his phone when there is no access to a computer, then once he gets to his laptop he begins developing lyrics that combine his swagger, and confidence with his well-rounded vocabulary, and brutal honesty that lacks shame, making for an unparalleled artist. They say if you want to make it big in the music industry you have to bring something new to the table. Paranoia brings a 3-course exotic foreign meal. He may be someone you've never heard of right now, but keep watching for him. You never know what will happen. ----- MC Paranoia


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