This weekend was a busy one for the NBA as it was revealed that some players weren't on board with restarting the season in light of all the social unrest going on in the world. Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard were at the forefront of these discussions and it caused quite the debate. Many stood in solidarity with these players while some felt as though their efforts were just a bit overexaggerated.

Today, most pundits on TV argued that the players would be better off using their platforms on the court as they would have millions of eyes on them. Stephen A. Smith echoed this opinion although his colleague Max Kellerman disagreed. Instead, Kellerman felt as though Irving and Howard had a unique perspective, and canceling the season would be a brave stance to take.

"There seems to be a moment in time here that the players recognize ... can be leveraged. In fact, that's how you bring about change. They are literally ... willing to put their money where their mouths are," Kellerman said.

For now, it seems like most players would rather head back to the court and finish out the season, but with some players taking a stand, we could be in for an interesting scenario.

Either way, these are certainly unprecedented times.