Compared to Gucci Mane's onslaught of projects in 2014, Rick Ross releasing two albums in one year may not seem too impressive. However, the fact of the matter is this: Rick Ross is the first major-label rap artist to release two studio albums in one year since 2010, when Lil Wayne released Rebirth and I Am Not A Human Being, respectively. It is no easy feat, especially considering how hesitant record labels are nowadays to release new music. This year, the good people at Def Jam allowed Rozay to release both Mastermind and Hood Billionaire through their label. Despite the massive promotional rollout of Hood Billionaire over the past few months, the album failed to live up to the commercial success of its predecessor. To examine Mastermind and Hood Billionaire in greater depth, we've composed an infographic that considers the strengths and weaknesses of each album.

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