Back in April, Master P was in hot water after his estranged wife claimed the rapper "abducted" their children and refused to return them to their mother. Master P and his kids were quick to respond with a YouTube video proving they were all well and safe, and he even put each child on the spot asking them where they prefer to stay.

Although it seemed like P was really championing to get the kids full time, apparently that wasn't the case. TMZ reports today that P lost custody of his children because he failed to show up to court. Sonya Miller was granted to full custody (legal and physical) ofร‚ย 13-year-old Hercy, 9-year-old Mercy, 17-year-old Tytyana and 14-year-old Italy.

The judge also ordered Master P to pay off Sonya's $75,000 legal bill, which includes sanctions for not showing up to court.