Alright, something is definitely happening. Whether or not Astroworld is finally dropping is beyond us but Travis Scott definitely has something planned. If he didn't he wouldn't have pulled this stunt.

Fans started reporting today about sightings of a massive Travis Scott head being installed on top of the classic Amoeba Music store in Los Angeles. A Hollywood landmark, the shop has been operating since 2001, advertising themselves as the world's largest independent record store. If somebody wanted to get people talking, they would absolutely consider installing a giant representation of themselves on top of the building, which is exactly what Travis Scott just did. 

The golden statue features only Travis' head and his personal photographer shared an image of it on his Instagram page. While this does not mean that Astroworld is on the way as it could just be something cool La Flame had in mind, it has started rumors among his fanbase that the long-awaited album could be dropping imminently.

Producer and engineer Mike Dean has been sharing footage of himself mixing a secret project, which many assume is Astroworld. If we're simply looking at this image, it doesn't say anything. However, with the context surrounding the mysterious album, this could be the biggest hint yet at it finally being distributed to our devices. Do you think this means anything?