Marvel and hip-hop haven't exactly operated hand-in-hand, but they have remained close enough in the greater cultural context; after all, many hip-hop fans share a love of comic books, and countless references to Marvel have been integrated into various lyrics for decades now. And while Disney and hip-hop may feel cut from a different cloth, every so often, the mouse comes through for the culture. On that note, Disney and Marvel have recently announced a new batch of collector's edition vinyl, in which classic albums are reimagined through a marvel lens. 

50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin finds Curtis Jackson replaced with Iron Man. LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out finds Cool James replaced by none other than Frank Castle. GZA's Liquid Swords once again bring Tony Stark into the fold, this time depicting him in the middle of battling Maestro. You can check out each of the dope covers right here. Seeing as the demand will no doubt rise in the coming days, be sure to place your orders sooner, rather than later; each album is limited to 3,000 prints.