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Name is Marquise T. Blow, Started making my own remix of every professional song about food. People always told me about how talented i am. My friend said comments to me like "How do you think like that so fast." But it was just me being me. November 2003 I decided to step up and create my first song with my brother Stephaun titled Achieving My Dreams. I thought of it as me just writing my first song with my brother about success. Others thought that i was rapping for quiet sometime and they liked it. I stop rapping after that because of the talent of other rappers. That following year I found a CD with a couple of instrumentals and My cousin and I made songs to those beats but it was just for fun. One day while we were freestlying i mentioned my full name and, my cousin just said "M.T.B. don't say your full name go by M.T.B." I liked it so that's what i went by. Few months past then, i just completely stop rapping because of problems at home and my school work. In August 2007, I met a girl by the name of Skye. I'll always joke around rappin about food, and she told me that i should talk to her dad (B.V.D.). So, I finally went in talked to him in September 2008. I also introduced my cousin to him. We both started making music just for the fun of it. One of my friends Yung Ny inspired me to keep rapping because he was better than me. So, i was determined to be better than him. Then, I realized that music is something i do because i love it. Then i became better at it, I started expressing my feelings, I started writing about my life, and I started to use metaphors to catch my fans attention. Then, My cousin and I showed B.V.D. alot of love because he did it from the heart. He did it just to keep some teens like us out of the streets. B.V.D. worked and i became better as artist and i'm going to continue to keep on doing music because it's how i express myself, it's what keeps my fans supporting me and happy


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