Makonnen has been prolific so far in 2016, releasing a number of collaborative singles as well as his album Drink More Water 6. However, it appears he might be getting tired of the rap game, and he recently went on a tweeting spree, suggesting that he will retire from the rap game very soon.

In the series of tweets, Makonnen points to the negativity that surrounds the entertainment industry. Specifically, how the media is only interested in him when he's spouting negativity. "Rap game Wack, everyone flexed up except Makonnen, that's why I'm retiring," Makonnen explains in one tweet. As a proponent of positivity, Makonnen says, "I don't wanna do that, so I'll move on."

In the series of tweets, he also suggests he has a big announcement coming from a "fashion house," and that he still has "a few obligations left" in reference to a possible tour. He also makes reference to the fact that fans have him "until 17," which most likely means 2017.

Of course, Makonnen has been known to say some pretty outrageous stuff only to walk it back or later contradict himself. We'll just have to wait and see if anything Makonnen is alluding to comes to pass.