''MONEY'' The reward you get for accomplishing or achieving a goal that is outstanding to the human eye ''MUSIC'' The mix of various sounds and ideas which are meant to create the next masterpiece or the drug that is running in the artist's veins I MacMonee, intend in providing the music that the people want to hear, I will not decide if I am hot or not, You Will First started making beats then learned about the business, Macmonee has now arrived with a bigger & meaner sound than ever! Once upon a time, a little boy was born in the heart of a city named Montreal. As years were going by, numerous events led Eric "MacMonee" Naki onto numerous paths. Not knowing about his surprising musical habilities, it is at the age of 15 that he decided to focus on producing music & beats and then carried on to being an MC himself. Following his departure to London, Ontario, Mac grew with a hunger that was out of the regular. Not only sharpening up his beatmaking skills but also his song producing skills & his lyrical habilities. "Making a song to me is just like making a beat. I like to take my time in order to be satisfied with what I do. If something isn't right here, I have to make it sound right before moving on. It's like building a house but instead of starting from the main floor, you start from the second one. Doesnt work that well." Listening & studying various artists has helped show appreciation to all kinds of music that we now find in the hip-hop/rap industry. Dr.Dre, Snoop, Jae Millz, Papoose, Luda, Scarface are among the list of artists that influenced Monee to appreciate every kind of hip-hop/rap and gave him the ability to diversify his productions. "I love to make different kinds of music. One day I might do a beat that has that west coast vibin feel to it and then the next day I might do a beat with the energetic dirty south feel or somedays i'll go back to basics and make music with the east feel to it. I never like to repeat myself, I like to go in every direction." That has helped him become who he is today. Prime Dollar Entertainment was founded by himself and lined up a roster of heavyweights! In the same group we find the 514 Squ@d founded by MacMonee & his cousin Elvis "Biggiz" Rukiza. Also providing production to Black Dynasty, Mac has got a lot to back himself up at such young age. "I'm all about that music. The money that comes from the music is the reward you get for providing the good product that people want to hear. The people and the fans decide who is good and who is not, us artists don't do that. I could go on and say how sick my tracks are and all that but really that doesn't mean anything until the people say that my tracks are good." Hard working, very professional & and very humble are words that describe him. "I respect anyone out there doing his thing you know what I mean. They doin' what I'm doin' too and I don't hate on that. It's a good thing to know that there is a lot of cats out there that wanna make it happen for real." Now this is beggining, expect to see some very impressing if not, mind blowing results coming from the Prime Dolla Ent. Family in a hood near you "It's history in the making baby! YEAH!"


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