You have to be pretty bold to ride around in a stolen purple Aston Martin, but the Los Angeles Police Department reportedly saw someone doing just that. It was a little over a year ago when Machine Gun Kelly first showed off his sleek luxury ride, but last week, Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis revealed on his SiriusXM radio show that the vehicle had been stolen. He learned of the theft after the person who bought his Los Angeles home—also a neighbor of MGK—told him about the missing Aston Martin.

According to TMZ, the LAPD stated that officers on patrol late Sunday evening saw the car cruising down the street, right past their vehicle. While they were unable to immediately pull over the Aston, they "searched the area and spotted the British sports car." It seems that whoever was driving may have been spooked after seeing the police vehicle because the Aston was located abandoned in the driveway of someone's house with the engine still running. There were no signs of damage and it's unclear if they found evidence pointing them in the direction of the suspect or suspects..

At the moment, the Aston Martin remains in the LAPD's impound lot but will hopefully be turned over to MGK sooner than later. Check out a few more pics of the vehicle below.