After releasing his widely-acclaimed mixtape Faces last weekend, Mac Miller phoned in to Billboard's "The Juice" podcast to discuss the new project, his drug use and his collaborations. Check out the full 33 minute podcast at the bottom of the page.

When asked by the show's hosts if his drug use and music are now inextricably linked, Miller vehemently denied it and said, "No, the sober you is the best you. My main drug is the studio." He also said that he had recently been "sober for 15 days so I can do transcendental meditation" with music producer Rick Rubin, whose house the rapper's recently been spotted in. Miller said he was not trying to glorify drugs on Faces, but rather paint an honest portrait of his life.

Later, he broke down the "I did it all without a Drake feature" line found on Faces. Miller said, "It's not a shot. Even for the rappers that get the Drake verse, that's awesome. But you know, I was thinking, could I actually picture myself on a song with like, Jay Z, would that actually make sense? And I would love to, but wouldn't that be weird? Does that sound right?"

Listen to the full podcast below, in which Miller discusses meeting Owen Wilson, his sandwich website, loving SZA to death, and much more.