Lupe Fiasco's big break came from his appearance on Kanye West's song, "Touch The Sky", so it's surprising to hear he wasn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to get on a 'Ye record at the time. In a new interview with DJ Skee, Lupe explained that despite both being from Chicago, he and Kanye were of different scenes, and at first he wasn't really feeling the vibe of "Touch The Sky".

“I never met him through any Chicago connections,” said Lupe of Yeezy. “He was always in a different world. He was in a Hyde Park, Common, backpacker world. We was more in like the streets world."

The rapper then went on to explain how he initially got the offer to get on the song. “We were more over here. But in Chicago it’s a very small city. Doing different events you bump into people," he said. "We never really clicked up tough until maybe ‘Touch The Sky.’ That was even through my partner."

According to Lupe, it was actually his friend who talked him into doing the record that would lead to the jumpstart of his career. "I didn’t even wanna do ‘Touch The Sky.’ I didn’t wanna do that. That wasn’t my piece," he revealed. "It was like, ‘I’m over here, I don’t do that.’ My partner was like, ‘Nah, you gotta trust me. You gotta do this.’ Then from there on we kind of clicked up and kept it moving up until this day.”

Watch the interview below.