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"There has been many people try to bring me down but, I aint made a frown. Because of this I have continued to work hard on what I do as of Rapping/Singing. What I do now will soon pay off. [Trust Me!]" Joseph "J-Dub" Woodard was born on November 22, 1994 in a Chicago, Illinois area called Chatham (90 Cottage Grove). Starting at the age of 13, he started writing lyrics/rhymes in a composition notebook and he got to the position where he noticed he wanted to continue as a Rapper. Since the age of 11 years old J-Dub knew he was destined to be an artist, entertainer, and designer! Inspired from the Gucci Mane, to T.I, and J-Dub became inspired and able to change the road of Rap/R&B in which it is today! Real lyrics with content and ability is J-Dub's passion in his writings. As a rapper, entertainer, and designer , J-Dub changed his advanced lyrics with a hip-hop twist of emotion to follow his adaption through his music! J-Dub is also the (C.E.O. of GML). Which is a group of 7 teenagers named: "J-Dub4Life, Smiley Boy, Pretty Boy, Prince, Melicity, Pretty Girl & Randa B" that are Rappers/Entertainers started in 2007, in the chicago area called "Chatham". Since the group has united together they plan to Record many songs this summer of 2010! If you want to know more information on (G)et (M)oney (L)unatikz Stay Tuned! Also, Their Are Now G.M.L. Girls Who Will Soon Be Stepping Up To The Plate... Past events of J-Dub includes the following: Talent Shows & Live World-Wide Video Exposure. Following the dream of being a sucessful Rap/R&B artist, J-Dub also plans to Produce many Songs/Videos this Year of 2010! Lunatik Records Is What You Might Hear In Most of Dub's Song And Is Also, The Label Name; Which Soon Their Will Be Other Groups Signed Under It, But For Now J-Dub Is Getting Prepared For The New Year In Which [LUNATiK RECORDS WILL TAKE OVER!] *Check Out More Videos this at: (* *Many Mixtapes Are Releasing In 2010! [Stay Tuned!]*


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