Lucki Eck$ Videos

  • Cover of Lucki Eck$ "None Other" Video
    With his mixtape Body High, Lucki Eck$ set himself up for a strong 2015, crafting a unique sound and nabbing himself a solid fan base. Today, we get his first new track in a good while, coming pre-loaded with a music video. Check out the "None Other" visuals above.
  • Cover of Lucki Eck$ "Finesse" Video
    At the center of Lucki Eck$' dynamite 2014 tape Body High is the "just doing my job" anthem "Finesse." Today, the watery, rather avant-garde track gets a video that shows Eck$ driving around town and serving his customers. 
  • Cover of Lucki Eck$ "Hidden Place" Video
    Anyone who listened to Lucki Eck$' phenomenal Body High tape at lest once knows how much your boy likes drugs (even if you didn't listen, the title makes things pretty obvious).
  • Cover of Lucki Eck$ "XAN CAGE" Video
    Lucki Eck$ details his daily struggle (and addiction?) with xanax on a new record "XAN CAGE," delivering a music video to match. The Chicago native is known to have some drug-addled lyrics, this being a prime example.
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