L'Orange Songs

  • Cover of L'Orange - Need You  Feat. Blu
    "A man fell in love. Then the world was destroyed by an ever-growing nothing in the sky." For those unaware, L'Orange is an emerging producer, poet, musician, manipulator and old soul out of North Carolina who dabbles in instrumental music, hip-hop and jazz. 
  • Cover of L'Orange - Entering The Silence  Feat. Red Pill
    The follow-up to L'Orange's acclaimed 2014 album The Orchid Days, the After The Flowers EP, is being pushed as "a warm vignette--a glimpse into life after the end of the world. Waking up to a surreal heavenscape, our tragic figure searches for his place somewhere between life and death."
  • Cover of L'Orange - Man Of The Night  Feat. Erica Lane
    Stream/and or download "Man Of The Night", a self-produced single released by L'Orange in conjunction with his new album The Orchid Days. 
  • Cover of L'Orange - Until The Fall  Feat. Boog Brown
    North Carolina musician L'Orange has teamed up with Boog Brown, one of his favorite emcees, to bring you good people another free bonus cut from his new album The Orchid Days. We previously heard "Mind Vs. Matter," which features Queens, New York representative Homeboy Sandman (listen here).
  • Cover of L'Orange - Mind Vs. Matter  Feat. Homeboy Sandman
    "Mind Vs. Matter" is a choice selection from North Carolina musician L'Orange's new album The Orchid Days, featuring verses from Queens, New York poet Homeboy Sandman. He's chosen it as his latest single, also offering it to you good people for free in light of the coming apocalypse.
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