Logic has officially delivered his final albumNo Pressure, and has set his sights on retirement. Last month, we heard from Logic about one of the reasons he wanted to retire, citing the constant trolling of the internet and harsh words from strangers affecting both him and his family. Even on the heels of this, Logic had to contend with bashing from Joe Budden, and revealed that it was actually at the peak of his fame that he felt the lowest.

Now that the rapper can officially claim retirement though, it sounds like he's enjoying a certain leisurely approach to pop culture that comes with it. Talking with the H3 Podcast, Logic detailed this new retirement-driven mindset: 

"Now since I've retired from music I don't really give a fuck anymore. Because there's this dis-association between ego and caring what other people think, and when you actually leave the shit behind, you realize a lot of things. One-- you don't really exist, you're just a form of entertainment for people they don't really view you as a human being. So when they say nice things or fucked up things or whatever, it's more about this persona, and not really you. And when you step away from the limelight, or that part of the industry, it allows you to take this easy."

The rapper goes on to detail a personal example of this type of situation, explaining how he was previously at odds with YouTube music reviewer The Needle Drop aka Anthony Fantano, but now the two are essentially buddies, and he couldn't care less what the man said about "Logic" in the past.

"I don't care 98%," Logic added after, "There's still a 2% as a creative that cares what people say, you can never fully do it. But I find it funny that now that I don't need that acceptance, this album is doing great and everybody loves it."

However, it sounds like he's still taking certain precautions in order to keep the sanctity of his mind and rap afterlife: "I haven't been on the internet in a really long time," he said, although he admitted that he'll sneak onto his sub-Reddit to creep around every now and then.

As the podcast continues, the three have a conversation about being happy and being comfortable in your skin, and much more. Logic provides insight into his personal life, including his escape from L.A. (no detail as to where he's holed up), and his wife, whom he says has recently taken up painting. Brittney Noell even makes an appearance in the podcast at the 1:04:00 mark, with the caveat that she is very camera-shy. Nonetheless, they end up discussing her birth and their newborn baby for a bit.

It's also worth noting Logic does affirm there will be some form of music in his future:

"Even though I'm retired, I'm still going to make music. I might just Andre 3000 it and every now and then drop a random song or do a random feature, but as far as albums go, I'm done with that."

Watch the full podcast episode below.