Bitcoin is nearing its all-time high. 1 Bitcoin is worth approximately $17,954.70 USD right now. If you're into cryptocurrency, it's a pretty exciting time to own Bitcoin. There is no telling how much it'll go up but, if you've got the money, your investment may end up paying dividends in the future.

Logic is a tech guy. He's always been interested in video gaming but it looks like he also has a passion for crypto. 

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You often hear about rappers and their investments but, since Logic retired, he's been living even more of an open-book life, striking a million-dollar deal with Twitch and going live several times a week with his fans. 

During a recent live-stream, Logic casually flexed on us all, claiming that he's made a major investment into Bitcoin. A $6 million investment that might end up making him way more money than he put in.

"Bought $6 million in Bitcoin last month," said Logic, brushing off his shoulder. "Fuck it, YOLO."

While his outdated slang is a little cringe-worthy, he just invested $6 million while the majority of us will likely never see that much money so... he probably knows better. Obviously, cryptocurrency is pretty risky but, if he's got the money, why not try and get some passive income off of a $6 million investment that could potentially net him millions more in the future. 

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Do you think this is a smart move for Logic?