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Illest n*gga in KS. I nod heads. I feed souls. I make beats. All joints $55 but follow me @littlestbrother for discounted prices (I do joint tapes for $250). I LOVE this HIP-HOP ish w/all my heart. I do it so I can be mentioned among the legends when it is all said and done. I do it b/c I LOVE SOUL music, I try to be me when I chop samples but there is no doubt QTIP, JDILLA, SKIBEATZ, 9TH, MADLIB, HITEK, DITC, PETE ROCK, HEATMAKERZ, and EASY MO BEE all exist in my music. I am the littlestBrother to Native Tongues, and alternative hip hop beat makers...My source of inspiration aint 4&half MICS.-------------------------------------------------------> MAURICE DANIEL: Maurice Daniel (@myshoesreece) is clearly driven by an obsession with the feeling of music and much less with the expectations of what a rapper should be. Surrounded by MC’s who value “swag” over lyrical ability, style over talent, creativity, he stands off to the left of these notions, moving within the soul of his own thoughts. A true opponent of conformity, where all it takes to make it in this game is an A-list feature, co-sign, drug reference (loud, molly’s, etc.), gold chains, bad bitches, he chooses to remain himself. This is more of an experience, not the type of music you passively listen to, but the type of songs that affect life and ways of thinking. Music that relates to our lives, "real life music" if you will. His style is lyrical but fly at the same time. Borrowing a phrase from rapper Skyzoo, Maurice would describe his music as "introspective street rap." Reflections of life, past and present, and the ideals of what life could be. Soulful with occasional braggadocio, "live nights," and the reflections that come in the mornings afterwards. True to the time when hip-hop was "pure," but progressive enough to be within the playlist of today's most avid hip-hop listener. A child of hip-hop grown, the coming of age.


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