Lil Reese News

  • Cover of Lil Reese Arrested For Marijuana Possession
    As reported by the Chicago Tribune, it seems Chief Keef affiliate Lil Reese was booked for marijuana possession yesterday.
  • Cover of Lil Reese Arrested On Misdemeanor Theft Charge
    Lil Reese got himself into some trouble over the weekend, which lead to his arrest. Reese found himself back in court this past Sunday for the second time in less than two months, as CBS Chicago reports, this time because of a misdemeanor theft charge.
  • Cover of Lil Reese Arrested In Chicago [Update: Details Emerge On Charges Of Arrest]
    Chief Keef is not the only member of his crew constantly facing legal trouble. Lil Reese landed himself in some hot water last year when footage of him beating a young woman surfaced on the internet.
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