While the rise of Instagram has given way to a new era of rap beef and shit talking, it's also a convenient way for artists to share previews of new music that they're working on as well. Lil Yachty, one of the breakout stars of the newer generation of rap, decided to bless his fans with a lengthy sneak peak at one of his upcoming songs, produced by St. Louis beat maker ChaseTheMoney. 

Right away the production shows off Chase's distinct style; deep, rumbling bass, and a bouncy melody with an air of grit to it. Yachty responds in kind with his verse. Moving away from the high-pitched, melodic style that made him famous, Yachty attacks the beat with the lower registers of his voice, and with an aggressive flow. He goes through one of his verses and a bit of the hook before the video ends. 

Yachty captioned the video with, "blood brothers 4 lyfeeee I love u @ksupremenaz .. new music on the way shout out @chasethemoneychasethemoney." K$upreme has been one of Yachty's longtime collaborators, and is a member of Yachty's rap crew, The Sailing Team. While K$upreme doesn't spit a verse in the video, it seems likely that he'll find a place somewhere on the track.

While Yachty has put out songs with the group in the past, it's been a few years since a complete project from the group has come out. Yachty just dropped his latest mixtape, Lil Boat 2, in March, so maybe they're aiming for a change of pace on this next record. Check out Yachty's new track below.